Bulk Products

The Pure Saffron NZ product range completely reinvents saffron as a food and nutraceutical ingredient category. Overcoming the traditional barrier of product variability, Pure Saffron NZ product is stabilised and standardised against the international saffron standard. The products have an extended shelf life at room temperature.

In a manufacturing breakthrough, the products are available in both liquid and dry form adding to their versatility as a food and nutraceutical manufacture ingredient.

Saffron Pure NZ products are available in aqueous solution, dry encapsulated, infused oil and infused salt forms.

Saffron Extract

Aqueous extract of saffron stabilised and standardised. Suitable for use in wet food formulations. This product is the basis of the Marlborough Saffron Room culinary product range.

Infused Oil

This product is produced using a rare extract from the saffron and then infused into high quality rice bran oil. This is an entirely novel product and Pure Saffron NZ invites enquiries about potential uses.

Encapsulated Powder

In a unique process, pure powdered saffron is micro-encapsulated in food grade material producing a dry, free flowing product. The Encapsulated Powder is ideal for inclusion in dry product formulations.

Flaky Salt / Ground Salt

Natural sea salt infused with saffron. Suitable for repacking to retail packs or for use as a food manufacturing ingredient.

Trade enquiries:

Both Marlborough Saffron Room and Pure Saffron NZ seek wholesale distributors and retail outlets. For information on opportunities in your country or region please contact us. Both companies are also seeking equity partners. For further information please contact David Pigou.

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