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Saffron 50ml

Liquid Saffron Extract

1 cap (4ml) of the 50ml bottle = 7-9 saffron threads

Liquid Saffron Extract is the convenient way of using saffron, just as most people now use natural Vanilla extract rather than whole Vanilla pods. With a significant shelf life of 18 months unopened and once opened 6 to 8 weeks (stored in the refrigerator) allows you to have saffron on hand for the unplanned occasion.

Using Liquid Saffron Extract saves on preparation time and takes the guess-work out of handling costly saffron.

Liquid Saffron Extract is a complex mix of the colour and flavour of saffron. This beautiful and distinctive red saffron colour stores natural extracts of saffron flavour and aroma for release during cooking.

Saffron Encapsulated Powder

4g of saffron powder = 7-9 saffron threads 

Our Saffron Encapsulated Powder is unique in its formulation. Our grade one Saffron threads are ground to a very small size and then encapsulated in a natural multidextrin which locks in all the goodness. It has a shelf life of up to 18 months and is readily dispersed in the dish when added to any liquid, i.e. oil, water, milk and cream sauces.

One gram of Saffron encapsulated powder is equivalent to 1 ml of saffron extract. It is ideal for dry mixes e.g. cakes bread, risottos and rubs for meat and fish.


Infused Oil

Saffron infused oil is used much like Truffle oil for flavour addition to a dish. The product aroma will be accentuated with temperature. This product is produced using a rare extract from the saffron and then infused into high quality rice bran oil. This is an entirely novel product and Pure Saffron NZ invites enquiries about potential uses.

Alginate Pearls

Alginate pearls of saffron oil are made under contract by Telegraph Hill in Hawkes Bay using a special process that encapsulates oil with extended shelf life.

The pearls are ideal for micro garnishing warm or hot canapés/soups where flavour and aromatics will be accentuated. Product is available on request in 25 and 180 gm jars.

Saffron Threads

The traditional saffron threads, freeze dried (freeze drying produces larger threads with a more vibrant colour than air drying, due to being snap frozen) to deliver great colour and flavour. These are packaged in 0.3gram lots which is a serving for a group of 4 to 6 people.

Saffron Marlborough Flaky Salt

Premium Marlborough Flaky Salt infused with our Saffron Extract to create a unique garnishing flavour. Ideal for flavouring salmon, meats or just sprinkling on your vegetables to give a beautiful subtle saffron taste.

Saffron Salt

Through our unique processes to obtain our products we have a residue bi-product out of which we have produced a wonderful fragrant Saffron Salt ideal for seasoning meats or fish. It is particularly useful when using a natural wood fish smoker.

Saffron Sauce bottle

Saffron Vinaigrette Sauce

This is a Saffron vinaigrette that gives a bite with the prolonged subtle saffron flavours coming through. Saffron extract is added to quality vinaigrette that gives this sauce a real tart flavour that is ideal to be used with all meats and drizzling on salads or as a dip.

Saffron Glaze Bottle

Saffron Verjuice Glaze

A marriage of sweet Neudorf Verjuice and our Liquid Saffron Extract makes a great accompaniment to recipes, desserts and ice cream where the flavours of saffron and wine are needed (without the alcohol of course). This is for the sweet tooth.

Our Distributors:

Little Karoo

Little Karoo (GREAT TASTE NZ) is the Distributor for Marlborough Saffron Room products in both Hospitality and Deli retail segments in NZ.

PH:  027 491 5414