Saffron Innovation

Saffron has traditionally been produced from the stigmas of field grown crocus sativus. These are dried and processed in various ways before use. Marlborough Saffron Room has been successfully growing, developing and marketing high-quality saffron threads and products since the mid 1990’s.

Marlborough Saffron Room processes field-grown saffron using proprietary curing, extraction and stabilisation technologies. These technologies have resulted in production of saffron thread of a quality which far-surpasses that of the (often more expensive) imported saffron on the market, and in the creation of unique, aqueous, room-temperature stable standardised powders and extracts suitable for use in a wide variety of culinary products. Furthermore, the extraction process produces a rare oleo resin in which key ingredients are concentrated several hundred fold. The exact chemical makeup and commercial potential of this oleo resin is yet to be fully explored. Oleo resin is then made available for commercial use as an extract, powder and oil.

For over a decade, these developments have established Marlborough Saffron Room as a leading presence in the New Zealand saffron industry, with a reputation for market-driven research and innovation. They have also led the company to a position where it now holds recognised intellectual property in the drying, curing and extraction of high quality saffron components.

Research and development carried out by Marlborough Saffron Room has resulted in incremental and continuous improvement in the quality of the natural stigma product and in refinement of processing techniques to extend the product use and the commercial applications possible.