I find the products offered by the Marlborough Saffron Room to be extremely versatile. From the threads to essence the natural flavour carries well through a range of cooking techniques and dishes. The intensity in the flavour and bright colour that I can draw from the Saffron enables me to use it in both savoury and sweet dishes!
Hayden McMillan, The HIP Group
For catering, cooking large quantities of food used different skilled staff, this is a great product. We liked the convenience of it and the ability to control the flavour of the dish by adding the essence a little at a time until the required flavour was achieved, rather than hoping the right amount was used in the beginning of the cooking process.
Will van Heeswyck, Terrace Downs Foods and Events Manager

Mark Southon

The Food Store, Auckland



Matt Bouterey

Boutereys Catering, Nelson



Nadia Lim

2011 Masterchef Winner