Liquid Saffron Extract 300mL

Liquid Saffron Extract 300mL


Liquid Saffron Extract is the convenient way of using saffron, just as most people now use natural Vanilla extract rather than whole Vanilla pods. With a significant shelf life of 18 months unopened and once opened 6 to 8 weeks (stored in the refrigerator) allows you to have saffron on hand for the unplanned occasion.

Using Liquid Saffron Extract saves on preparation time and takes the guess-work out of handling costly saffron.

Liquid Saffron Extract is a complex mix of the colour and flavour of saffron. This beautiful and distinctive red saffron colour stores natural extracts of saffron flavour and aroma for release during cooking.

We also offer a 5L variant. Contact us if you are interested in ordering this amount of extract.

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