What is Saffron Extract?

 Marlborough Saffron Room’s Saffron extract, powder, and oil opens up new possibilities of flavour and aroma in New Zealand.

Very occasionally innovations occur that have the ability to reinvent industries, reshape markets and permanently change consumer expectations. Marlborough Saffron Room have engineered a way to consistently supply the flavour and aroma of saffron as a liquid, powder and oil. This offers huge potential to New Zealand’s food and hospitality industry to bring a sought after flavour to the masses in new and innovative ways.

Marlborough Saffron Room’s extract has been likened to the exotic vanilla bean that was only available in exclusive restaurants when prepared by skilled chefs. However that all changed in the 1960s when vanilla became a common household ingredient thanks to an innovative growing extraction process.

What Chefs Say


Mark Southon

The Food Store, Auckland